Senior Dog Rescue of Oregon
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Love Dogs but Can't Adopt or Foster? VOLUNTEER!

Something for Everyone: From group fun to flexible, work-at-home opportunities. What kind of volunteer are you?

Wrangler? Help at Adoption Days.

Good with people? Community Events

Persuasive? Reach out to the community for donations and support.

Marketing your forte? Fundraising is for you!

Crafty? Create items for SDRO's fundraising events.

Love (local) road trips? Transport dogs or deliver kibble to fosters.

Literary? Add to your resume by contributing to our social media, newsletters, website and other publications!

Artistic? Share your design skills - events, publications, social media.

Grant writing skills? Yowza!

Fill out a Volunteer Application.

Pet Day volunteers This photo shows one of our Pet Adoption Days with several of our cherished volunteers. We couldn't run SDRO without our volunteers!