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Tillie and Her Cart

Overcoming Her Disability

Tillie "We recently got a little wheeled cart for Tillie as she was rapidly losing the use of her back legs. We are so fortunate that there is a business about five minutes from us called K-9 Carts, and they make these little carts for dogs just like Tillie they send them all over the world. We're lucky enough to have them so close! We are hoping to buy her some more quality life, canine carts pictures us that they are usually able to have at least another year or two that they would not otherwise have had.

"I was dismayed to find out that this disease actually continues up the spine and will eventually affect her front legs. K-9 Carts said that we can easily add on the capability to hold her front legs as well, although I haven't figured out how she could propel herself forward under those conditions. But will worry about that when we get there.

"I thought you would enjoy seeing our little girl overcoming her disability, she's adapting so well that it's just astounding to me. We tried to series of acupuncture treatments for her, but unfortunately it was of no help. She remains her sweet lovable self in spite of everything. She continues to be the joy of my life!" Download video of Tillie using her wheels.

Warmly, Linda