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The Story about Maggie and Ramsey, a bonded pair

My name is Karen and I have been a foster "hu-mom" for Senior Dog Rescue of Oregon (SDRO) for a few years now. I have fostered over 50 dogs – a few for a day or two, most for a week or two, and some for a month or two. SDRO is completely volunteer, there are no paid positions. I am able to do what I do because our generous donors give from their hearts to help these lovely souls who end up in need – totally through no fault of their own.

My current fosters are a bonded pair (litter mates who have been together since birth) named Maggie and Ramsey. I call the little dude Ramses because his long dachshund ears often stand up like chihuahua’s, giving him a certain ‘Anubis’ look. And because all my fosters end up with nicknames (I just can’t help it).

Maggie and Ramsey spent several years as beloved and pampered pets before their human passed away. They then spent two years in a crate in the garage. Imagine their confusion? Imagine their pain? What terrible crime had they committed? Cold, dark, and lonely, but at least they had each other. SDRO will make sure they are adopted together.

Maggie and Ramsey, a bonded pair

SDRO is completely volunteer, there are no paid positions.

These kids are sure making up for lost time now! Sit down and they make running leaps into my lap. Turn off the living room light and I’ll find them under the bed covers waiting for me. Like kisses? They’re ready, will, and able to deliver! All they ask in return is a little kibble (donated by folks like you). their own food bowls (donated), a dog bed when I’m too busy to sit down (donated), and walkies with new collars, harnesses, and leashes (donated). They’ve passed their vet checks at All Creatures Great and Small Vet Clinic (paid for by donations) with flying colors, and just need some dental work (paid for by donations) before they’re ready for a new place to call home.

Your donations make all this magic happen. When you say YES to love, you give hope and healing to lost and loving pups like Maggie and Ramses! Please Donate Today.

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