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The Story about Holly

It is a rare and magical occasion when an animal enters your life and changes you forever. From the moment she padded into our lives, to the day she died peacefully in our arms, Holly did just that! She delighted our world.

We heard about Holly and made arrangements to meet with her owner. When the woman showed up, she dumped Holly out of the car and just drove off muttering about having too many dogs - there were five more little dogs in the car. Poor Holly limped over to our car and we took her home. She was really sad and had a huge lump on her belly. A month later, after time spent with the family and many visits to all Creatures Great and Small Veterinary Clinic - paid for by Senior Dog Rescue of Oregon (SDRO) donors like you - she started smiling (yes, actually smiling). Her limp and lump were gone.


After time spent with the family and many visits to All Creatures Great and Small Veterinary Clinic - PAID FOR BY SDRO DONORS LIKE YOU - Holly started smiling..."
Holly was our first foster and after just a few days, like many other SDRO fosters, we joined the ranks of "failed foster" because we kept her. We couldn't have asked for a sweeter, more well-mannered and congenial soul. She was such a part of the family.

Holly understood the feelings of everyone in the household. When my daughter experienced big anxiety around high school, Holly attended with her - for two years! The students and teacher totally loved her. Nobody ever asked if she was a service dog. Two more years and she could have graduated with a high school diploma!

Patiences personified, Holly endured years of Halloween costuming - she was often seen in public as a pumpkin, a wizard and even Marge Simpson! The kids used her as a mannequin, photographing their new clothes and hats on her while she slept right through it. We've got the photos and videos as proof!

Holly's favorite adventures were trips to Nye Beach. She'd happily introduce herself to all the walkers. For an old pooch she could really hustle. Sometimes Holly would even outrun my daughter if she spotted a beachcomber she hadn't greeted yet.

We miss Holly every day and will always love her. Thanks to SDRO for helping to find her. We are forever grateful.

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